Tuesday 30 April 2024

Displeasure - Vortex of Shit (2022)


Displeasures first album. Anarcho-punk/Anarchosynth/Hardcore Punk. 

Free on bandcamp:

"Displeasure is the digital subsidiary of Unsanitary Napkin. Vortex of Shit deals with the swirling mess of scaremongering bullshit rearing its increasingly ugly head in political discourse in Aotearoa. In the year 2022, things have reached the point where disgruntled science-denying farmers are teaming up with perverse public toilet-obsessed transphobes, raging anti-vaxxxers and evangelical megachurch despots in a horrific whirlpool of shit ideas manipulated by white supremacists and alt-right trolls - with all of their delusional social media outrage pumped by cynical algorithms to swell the profits of hypercapitalist billionaires and their colonial space-fantasies. Vortex of Shit highlights the absurdity of this dystopian trajectory, and stresses the urgency of solidarity in dismantling the extractive capitalist core driving the whole enterprise. Vortex of Shit was recorded and mixed by Vanya Vitali at Slimebag in Te Horo.

“The world you are being handed is one in turmoil, with an uncertain future. Truth be told – this trajectory of peril has been set for some time now, but never before were we able to access proof of that peril, expose it, and speak out to it, as we have been now, and it is taking a lot of work – much of which you too will have to bear. I wish it wasn’t so, I wish we could have taken care of so much more, but nevertheless I take heart that we have progressed enough to make the extreme right very, very anxious – and it’s important to understand that the global rise of the right, with all their hate and violence, is a direct reaction to social rights progress over many generations now – resulting in you, and the powerhouse you are […] focus on the sites of accountable power, and continue to articulate, with all your beautiful, passionate, eloquent, powerful voices, what true justice looks, sounds, and feels like. Remind those sites of accountable power that it is their responsibility to deal with the violent and hateful extremities of their own colonial political ideologies.” - Tina Ngata, ‘A Note for Our Rangatahi Resistance’ "

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