Tuesday 20 November 2018

Bowel Rupture - S/t Ep (2018)

Brand new crusty grind/hardcore from the capital! Released on cassette day in conjunction with Razored Raw and Death Ray records. Free on bandcamp! Featuring members of Hair Brains and Sabbatic Goat.


Dogcock - S/T (2018)

Ruthless new Grind from Hamilton. Featuring members of Aborted Christians and Electric Mayhem. Watch out for these guys! Soon to be a physical release on Hairy Palm.


Shallow Grave - Threshold Between Worlds (2018)

Back from the abyss, sludge stalwarts Shallow Grave return with another 12'' of blackened sludge/doom. Fucking solid, buy the 12'! Released on Sludgelord records.


Swallows Nest - Split with Crowning (2018)

Split between Dunedin's Swallows Nest and Canadian band Crowning. Both bands play a hardcore punk style of emo violence/post hardcore. Swallows Nest features members of Machina Rex and Yung Nat$.


Zhukov - S/t (2018)

New Hardcore punk from Christchurch! Featuring members of Blame Thrower, Arm and Hammer and Boltcutter. Free on bandcamp.


Endless Stench - 26/05/16 (2016)

Recently Wellington's rungus grinders Endless Stench (defunct) talked a hapless record label into re-releasing their practice recordings from a few years ago. Surprisingly, it goes fucking hard all things considered. Featuring members of Caskgrinder, Stress Ghetto, Gutrot and mysterious hardouts Disguy (you heard it here first). Released on Limbless Music.


Exit Fear - Ep 1 (2018)

New Auckland Grindy Hardcore punk! Featuring members of Master Blaster, Club Stupid and Tooms. Cheap as on bandcamp!


Thursday 11 October 2018

Draulicht - Demo (2018)

First demo from new Auckland Doom metal band Draulicht. Release on Hairy Palm. Featuring members of Slavedriver and Trepanation.


Molenaar - Hate Not Phobia (2018)

New Crusty D-beat crew from Wellington Molenaars first release. Featuring members of Ritual Abuse and Corpse Rat. free on bandcamp!


Piggery - Teaser Tracks (2018)

Two teaser tracks from an upcoming album from new Wellington Blackened Crust/Stenchcore band Piggery. In the vein of Stormcrow. Featuring members of Methdrinker, Rogernomix and Stress Ghetto.


Pvnishment - Demonstration ll (2018)

Second release from Wellington's Black Metal/Crust outfit Pvnisher. Released on Razored Raw.


Meth Christ/Self Harm - Split (2018)

War Metallers Meth Christ from Dunedin's split with Self Harm from Perth. Check out the Meth Christ side on their bandcamp.


Bodyache - Vehement Suffering (2018)

New Grind/Noise solo project from Christchurch.


Contenders - Teenage Crybaby Single (2018)

New single from Hamilton's Contenders in anticipation of the upcoming album.


Monday 17 September 2018

Spiteful Urinator - S/t (2018)

Yet another great release from Hamilton crusties Spiteful Urinator. The bands first 7" record. Preview tracks on bandcamp, but buy the record!


Wakhan Corridor - S/t (2018)

New Post-Hardcore project from Hamilton featuring members of Hedge Fund Trader. Free on bandcamp!


Thursday 16 August 2018

Unsanitary Napkin - Orgasmic Capitalism 7' (2018)

Latest release from Wellingtons Unsanitary Napkin. Politically radical, Anarcho-punk meets garage punk. Buy the 7" or free on bandcamp!


Bulk Bogan - Flex (2018)

Brand new seven track ep from Auckland Powerviolence duo Bulk Bogan. Full of weirdness, check it out. Free on bandcamp.


ColdxWar - Culture Shock (2018)

New straight edge beatdown-hardcore from the capital. Featuring members of Starving Millions and Nailgun. Free on bandcamp!


Thursday 14 June 2018

Dud - Demo (2018)

New Hardcore Punk band from Auckland featuring members of Master Blaster and Markdown. Free four track demo on bandcamp!


Monday 21 May 2018

Bulk Bogan (Track) - The Fast, The Slow, The Violence Compilation (2018)

Newly formed Auckland Powerviolence band Bulk Bogan have a track 'Living Contradiction' featuring on this German Grind/PV compilation. Released by Knochen Tapes. Look out for an upcoming Ep from these guys!


Greek Domestiv Violence - S/T (2018)

Debut release from Wellington's new rungus Crust band Greek Domestic Violence. Released on Razored Raw. Free on bandcamp!


Saturday 28 April 2018

Thursday 26 April 2018

Pvnisher - Pvnishment Demonstration (2018)

New Crust/Black Metal band from Wellington. Release on Razored Raw. Buy a tape!


Creatures - Speacial Powers (2018)

New Punk/Pop punk outfit from Auckland featuring members of Missing Teeth and Markdown. Free on bandcamp!


Ave Teth - MMXVIII (2018)

New Ambient/Industrial band Ave Teth from Auckland, featuring members of Trepanation.


Gormukilliodokus - Come Back Lucifer - 2018

Grindcore/Goregrind from Christchurch, featuring members of Tyrannosaurus Wreck. A classic $6.66 on bandcamp.


Hamtown Smackdown 2018

 Annual Hamilton Hardcore Punk festival:

"Kia ora whanau! #HamtownSmakdown2018 is on and we are back home at the mighty Meteor for Aotearoa NZ Music Month. We will be bringing you the most exquisite of very loud noises this land has to offer. Be sure to share this with the discerning dero in your life as this opportunity is not one to be missed!

Old Loaves
Hollywoodfun Downstairs
Spiteful Urinator
Long Distance Runner
Easy Off (with members of Wizz Kids, Salvage, probably 50 other bands also)

presales online through the Meteor (just click the ticket link on the event page!)
Adult fest pass: $20
Under 18 or Highschool student fest pass (ID required): $10
Under 13: Free (with a parent/guardian)

There will be swap meet tables/space on a first come, first serve basis - if you want a guaranteed spot just flick us an email or Facebook message.

Don't forget, this fest is all-ages/drug and alcohol free- please only bring your good vibes."

Facebook Event

Wednesday 28 March 2018

Rogernomix - Punch A Nazi In The Face (2018)

Latest 7" from New Zealand Crust stalwarts Rogernomix. Two preview tracks on bandcamp. Release show on 27th April @ Valhalla. Punch a Nazi in the face - need we say more.


Tuesday 27 February 2018

Corpse Rat / Feral Blood - Split (2018) PREVIEW

Preview tracks from upcoming split between Wellingtons Corpse Rat, and Nelsons Feral Blood, release on prolific label Razored Raw. This split will be release at Full Noise this coming weekend and will be available as part of the North Island Domination tour featuring both bands, alongside Sick Old Man and Stress Ghetto (who also have an upcoming split). Preview tracks on bandcamp.


North Island Domination:

Saturday 17 February 2018

Hedge Fund Trader - Half Night Ep (2018)

Second concurrent Hedge Fund Trader release; Half Night. Free on bandcamp!


Hedge Fund Trader - Last Night Ep (2018)

Latest Ep from Hamilton's Post Hardcore band Hedge Fund Trader. Three track Ep released at the same time as the Half Night Ep. Free on bandcamp!


Soakie - Dangerous Doge Demo (2018)

Soakie are a new Hardcore Punk band residing in Melbourne but featuring members from the USA and NZer Chumz from various Hamilton punk bands such as Wizz Kids. They are doing a tour on NZ very soon so check them out! Free on bandcamp.


Thursday 1 February 2018

Contenders - React! Ep (2018)

Latest four tracks EP from Hamilton's Contenders. Check them out at Waitangi Waste fest in Wellington or Full Noise in Auckland coming up soon. Free on bandcamp!


Sunday 21 January 2018

Full Noise 2018

Worn Out Presents:

Full Noise!!

Heaps of hardcore, punk, metal and noisey bands from around the country playing over two nights at Grey Lynn Library Hall

Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd March
The Biscuits (ak) — https://thebiscuits.bandcamp.com/
Club Stupid (ak) — https://clubstupid.bandcamp.com/releases
Contenders (ham) — https://contend.bandcamp.com/releases
Corpse Rat (wgtn) — https://razoredraw.bandcamp.com/album/corpse-rat
Distant Fear (ak)
Draulicht (ak)
FERAL BLOOD (nels) — https://feralblood.bandcamp.com/
Nervous Jerk (chch) — https://nervousjerk.bandcamp.com/
Ragged Veins (ak) — https://raggedveins.bandcamp.com/
Rogernomix (wgtn) — https://rogernomix.bandcamp.com/
Slughugger (ak)
Sick Old Man (ak) — https://sickoldman.bandcamp.com/
Spiteful Urinator (ham) — https://spitefulurinator.bandcamp.com/
Stress Ghetto (wgtn) — https://limblessmusic.bandcamp.com/album/material-hardship
Swallows Nest (dun)
TVX (wgtn)
Soakie (Aus)

Markdown (ak)
Bulk Bogan (ak)

Free entry day markets and DJ's plus other goodies from 12pm - 4pm Saturday

After party at Whammy Backroom Saturday (acts tba)

$25 weekend passes available from UTR

This is an all ages event. This means no drugs and alcohol in or around the venue please