Thursday 22 November 2012

Tentacles Of Destruction - Home (2011)

Tentacles of Destruction was a Hardcore punk band from Auckland which started in 2004 and broke up early 2011 after releasing their long awaited full length. They sound a bit like JFA etc You can find their demos eps etc on other blogs on our list.
Download this album free at their band camp!

Monday 12 November 2012

Graves - ST 7' (2012)

Graves are a new Hardcore/Hardcore Punk band band from Auckland. Opened for Nasum on their 1st show. Download this at their soundcloud for free.

Discorpse - Discorpse Ep (2011)

Discorpse are a Dbeat/Crust/Grind/Hardcore Punk band from Palmerston North. They broke up in 2011 after playing NeverMind Punkfest. This is their only recordings.


Fust - Media Manipulation 1 Song (2011)

Auckland Grindcore, a trio of brothers (no bass) perform the only recorded song. Recorded in three separate takes, The album Cucumber Carts to come early next year...hopefully.


Saturday 10 November 2012

Aborted Christian / Gawj - Fuck your Demo tape Split (2009)

Old split from 2 now dead Hamilton Crusty/Grindcore bands. Both bands have other albums around which feature fuckin good quality music so check them out!


Crawler - ST' Tape (2010)

Defunct Power Violence/Sludge/Noise band from Auckland. This is their only recording that came out on a tape. Really groovy music, similar to Neanderthal, Man Is the Bastard etc. They occasionally used to do experimental noise set which was fun.


Streetkunt - Shit Cunts, Shit Times (2006)

 Old Blackened Crust/D-Beat Band from Auckland. Dam Brutal. Guitarist went on to form Filthy Lucifer.


Filthy Lucifer - Demo (2010)

4 Piece Crust/D-Beat/Black Metal From Auckland. FL have a new lp hopefully coming out at some point soon maybe in 2013, so watch out for that!

Filthy Lucifer Soundcloud (has new recordings for lp)
Filthy Lucifer Facebook

New Download

Monday 5 November 2012

Numbskull - Powderslave (2012)

Thrashcore from Wellington. Newest tape release. Check out their Split lp with Electric Mayhem too.


Deadstare - 2000/2001

Mean as Power Violence/Grind band from Aussie! Broke up in 2004. Found this ages ago and haven't found out much more about this band, if anyone knows more please comment!


Downfall Of Gaia & In The Hearts Of Emporers Split (2011)

Just stumbled across this band and thought they should be posted. Downfall Of Gaia are from Germany and In The Hearts Of Emporers are from Sweden. Both these band play a kind of epic hardcore crust style which is very bleak and dark. Similar to Fall of Efrafa. Both bands have other music around so check it out!


Thursday 1 November 2012

Nuclear Death Terror - St (2006)

Nuclear Death Terror are a formidable Crust/D-beat band from Denmark who have been playing since the early 2000s. They have recently released a new album called 'Blood Fire Chaos Death' which is pretty sweet and worth a listen, but I wanted to post this as it is my favorite!


Nuclear Death Terrors Blog