Thursday 31 March 2022

XCONTORTX - Demo (2021)


New Tamaki powerviolence band XCONTORTX's first release. Featuring members of Bulk Bogan and Pulvinar. Fucking good stuff! Release through Limbless Music.



Severed Beliefs - Phrases of Empty Repentance (2021)

Metalcore from the capital, released by Elimination Records featuring some of the Elimination folks themselves. Cheap as on bandcamp!

Hedge Fund Trader - S/t (2020)


The last Hedge Fund Trader release, compiling several old EP's and some later recordings that were never released prior to the bands permanent hiatus (?). Post-hardcore/powerviolence vibes as always. Free on bandcamp. 

Wednesday 30 March 2022

Bordger - War of Extinction (2020)


Another excellent Crusty D-beat band coming out of the capital. This album goes fucking hard!
Free download on bandcamp. Also watch out for the upcoming split with Aussie band Extinct Exist.

Also it's been 10 year since this blog started and all the mediafire links still work! Hopefully this is still a good spot/archive for Punk and Hardcore from Aotearoa! After we get through posting all the most recent releases etc, will try and upload some old punk and hardcore that we never got round to doing.

Spiteful Urinator / Scavenger - Split EP (2021)


Most recent Spiteful release with Melbourne's Scavenger (featuring old mate Ben Clancy from all the best Hamtown bands). There are still 7"s left, so get in there!

Spiteful Urinator - Warning Ignored (2021)


Kirikiriroa's stalwarts crusties Spiteful Urinator have been cranking out multiple releases a year, each as crushing as the next. This one is no different, check it out on bandcamp.

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Bulk Bogan - Spinebuster (2021)

Tāmaki powerviolence duo Bulk Bogan's release from the end of 2021. We got a big backlog of stuff to post on the blog, so expect more over the coming little while!

Skull Patrol - This Is Skull Patrol (2021)


New crossover thrash band from Tāmaki Makaurau, Skull Patrol, busts out their first EP. Up for free on bandcamp, or buy a cassette for cheap as! Featuring members of No Brainers, Slum Bug and Markdown.

Monday 28 March 2022

Easy Off - Dark Place (2022)


Latest release from Kirikiriroa's Easy Off. Absolutely crushing album! Bridge city crust is going hard at the moment.


Sunday 27 March 2022

Unsanitary Napkin - All Billionaires are Bastards (2022)


Latest release from one of the best Punk bands in Aotearoa at the moment. Fuck the damn billionaires!

Covid has made me sing from the symphony of slackness and not post for two years, but bam we are back! Is anyone still on blogspot? Its all for you 12 viewers!

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