Monday 27 July 2020

Sunday 26 July 2020

Bulk Bogan - Suplex (2020)

Latest EP from Tamaki's powerviolence duo Bulk Bogan.

"Terrifying Tāmaki Makaurau-based powerviolence pair Bulk Bogan return with their tough-as-nails, ring-ready second EP Suplex. The eight tracks of genre-fluid heaviness build on the microscopic attention spans and ADHD flailings of their debut Flex, while systematically working their way through neigh-on every subgenre under the greater punk umbrella to break up and build contrast to the inexorable blastbeats summoned by vocalist/drummer Mark Hill. Traversing from the skramz-inflected call-and-response of ‘Don’t Touch My Shit’ to the post-punk saunter of ‘Problem’ (which was affectionately described by one friend as sounding “like Dead Kennedys after climbing a Mount Everest of amphetamines”) through to the grim, frostbitten black metal of ‘Shit Eating Grin’.

Though they whizz past in mostly sub-sixty second whirlwinds of limbs and cyclones of unbridled fury, the lyrics to each track on Suplex speak truth to various external and internal powers in their own furiously veiled fashion. The crushing sludge of opening number ‘Minotaur’ discusses toxic masculinity in a labouring workplace through the fantastical lens of the bull-headed, labyrinth-dwelling evil from Greek mythology while ‘Problem’ stares the Stockholm syndrome of addiction and mental illness down it’s insidious nose and the crossover thrash mania of ‘Dogmatic Denial of Science’ praises logic and reason in possibly the shortest burst that the two subjects have ever been acquainted with. ‘Small Dick Lethargy’ serves as a double edged sword, swiftly swinging sarcasm and indignation at passe internet trends and unmotivated faffers alike.

Prepare your ears for the unstoppable force behind the immoveable object that is Suplex. Available on digitally and on cassette tape via the band’s Bandcamp page.