Sunday 19 November 2017

NO NZ - Compilation (2017)

New Razored Raw compilation featuring range of New Zealand Hardcore Punk and Crust including; Sick Old Man (Akl), Spiteful Urinator (Ham), The Hellebores (Palmy), Stress Ghetto (Wel), Corpse Rat (Wel), Feral Blood (Nelson), Carradine Choke and BusPuncher (Dun). Free download on bandcamp, Cassette to be released at Neil Roberts day, 25th November.

'Raw spewings from every shithole in the country worth playing a show in!' - Razored Raw


Corpse Rat - S/T (2017)

Ruthless first EP from Wellingtons Corpse Rat, featuring members of Rogernomix and Life is Hate. Released on Razored Raw. $5 on bandcamp.


BusPuncher - Garage Vomit (2017)

New South Island crusty d-beat from Dunedin, featuring members of Conniption. Free on bandcamp!


Total Ruin - Demo (2017)

Updated version of the Total Ruin demo, featuring more tracks and a cassette release. Sludgy Hardcore Punk/Crust from Wellington featuring members of Meth Drinker. Free download on bandcamp!


Starving Millions - V (2017)

Latest EP from Wellington's prolific Hardcore Punk band Starving Millions. They are doing a NZ Tour with Churlington at the end of 2017/early 2018 so go see them! $5 on bandcamp.


Monday 6 November 2017

Tactical Attack - Romance Musical (2016)

Tactical Attack are a fast Hardcore punk band from Melbourne featuring ex kiwi Josh Of from Tentacles of Destruction, Caskgrinder, Filthy Lucifer etc. They are currently doing a tour with mates Axillism, so check them out at upcoming South Island and lower North Island shows! Free on bandcamp


Axillism - Determination (2017)

Australian Crusty Hardcore Punk band Axillism's latest release. They are doing a NZ tour with Tactical Attack at the moment so go check them out! Free on bandcamp