Thursday 19 September 2013

Wizz Kids (2013)

Wizz Kids are from Hamilton and play fast punk, featuring members from Aborted Christians, Wasteland and Aborted Christians, they play sort of 80s sounding skate punk that sounds fucking rad. This is their side of their recently released split cassette with Hamilton's blackened D-Beat outfit Spiteful Urinator, available (though limited to 50 copies) through Wellington's Zero Style.


Spiteful Urinator - Death Death Death (2013)

Spiteful Urinator are a blackened D-Beat band from Hamilton, featuring members of Gawj and Aborted
Christians. The vocals on this are fantastic guttural assaults, with some fucking evil lyrics. This release is also availiable from Zero Style as a split tape with Hamilton punk band Wizz Kids.


Generation Dead - EP (2013)

Generation Dead is a 3 piece Street/Old school sounding punk band from Napier with ex members of Vicious Rumors. This is there 4 track Ep. Watch out for any releases from them in the near future.



Crawler - Crawler II teaser (2013)

This is two tracks from the second release of Aucklands twin bass punk sludge outfit, Crawler. These tapes were limited and are available through the band members themselves, though may be sold out. Includes a fantastic cover of Human Cannonball by the Butthole Surfers.


The Johos - Knock, Knock! It's​.​.​. (2013)

The Johos are a Wellington based punk band, they play fast, angry punk rock and have members from Meth Drinker and Awkward Death. This EP just came out a few days ago and can be bought either from bandcamp or from Zero Style.


Baycorpse - So Much For The Afterglow Ep (2013)

This is my Crusty/D-beat bands EP that was recorded before we broke recently because our singer moved over to Europe. Hope you like it!