Thursday 29 August 2013

Oroku - Living Through The End Of Time (2006)

Oroku were a  heavy Hardcore/Crust band from Seattle with members of Garmonbozia. They use a cello, which brings a very melodic element to their music. One of my favourites.


Vomit Storm - Demo (2013)

Vomit Storm are a new black/death/thrash influenced band from Wellington. They just started playing shows a few months ago so watch out for them and any new releases in the future. This is just rough demo they recorded at Lorne St, gives you an idea of their sound. They're playing Nevermind Punkfest in Christchurch this year.


Sunday 18 August 2013

Gutrot Live @ Third Ave

Gutrot are a brutal newish Dbeat/Crust band from Wellington, they are on tour at the moment so if your in the South Island go see them next week! They have a split coming out soon with Awkward Death. Watch this blog for some of their recordings coming soon.

Two Wolves Live @ Third Ave

Awkward Death Live @ 3rd Ave

Awkward Death playing at our house, more videos on YouTube.

Awkward Death - S/T Ep (2013)

This is the first ep from Awkward Death a Wellington 4 piece 80s sound hardcore punk/street punk band. Sweet singalong dirty punk rock. These guys are on tour at the moment with their mates, Wellington D-beat band Gutrot. So If your in the South Island watch out for these guys!


Friday 2 August 2013

Aborted Christians - SUBMISSION, FORGIVENESS, DEATH! (2010)

Aborted Christians are/were a grindcore band from Hamilton, who played unholy, evil, blackened grindcore. They had several released over the years, including a split 7" with Wellington powerviolence duo Police Lineup. This is their 2010 album, SUBMISSION, FORGIVENESS, DEATH! and its fucking brilliant. Short, fast, loud, guttural screaming. One of the best grindcore bands in this country.


Natural Glow - Young, Gifted, & Fat (2010?)

Named after Suzanne Paul's beauty product of the same name, Natural Grow are an all girl hardcore punk band from Wellington. I'm pretty sure I saw them at Punkfest 2010, though I was very drunk that weekend and can't quite remember. I eventually heard them on "The Arse End of the World" compilation released by Always Never Fun Records in 2011, and their two tracks "Young, Gifted, & Fat" and "RTDs" were fucking rad. This is angry, aggressive hardcore punk and their whole album is great. I'm not actually sure what year this was released, but I'm pretty sure it was around 2010-2011, check it out.


Thursday 1 August 2013

Wasteland - Demo (2008)

Wasteland were a hardcore band from Hamilton, New Zealand who fucking ruled. Fast, aggressive, to the point. They also released a split with a hardcore band from the USA called Disconnected and were featured on the 2011 NZ compilation "Welcome To The Arse End of the World". I heard talk of a full length album a few years ago but haven't heard about it since. Anyways, this is a fucking rad release.


Vilopticon - Merry Christmas Baby (200?)

Vilopticon were a short lived Sludge Metal band around Auckland, Sean Ginge was the singer but I'm not sure of the rest. I believe they had a couple of recording of full concept albums but no idea where they could be! Anyway I received this lovely present in the mail 1 year for Christmas, they do some hilarious doomy/sludgey covers of Rudolph the red noised reindeer, jingle bells, I saw mummy kissing Santa Claus among others. Its pretty awesome, real garage quality low fi stuff that will get you pissed on Christmas.

Vilopticon - Merry Christmas Baby

Filthy Lucifer - Demo (200??)

Found this demo lying around I think I got this for free at Thrash Palace one weekend but I can't remember what year maybe 2008 or 2009? Just two songs I think maybe the first recordings they did?

Filthy Lucifer - Demo 1

Also check this out! Its a teaser for their new ep 'Alcoholicult' that should be out sometime..!?!?

New Song Teaser

xFrankGrimesx - The OLd Grimey E.P (2011)

First ep from xFrankGrimesx, a now defunct Christchurch Power Violence band.

The Old Grimey Ep

Kia Kaha Kids Live @ 3rd Ave

Kia Kaha Kids Live from 19/07/2013 at our house! Shitty quality but fuck sweet as!

The Bludgers - All Night Drinking (2009)

The Bludgers are an Oi Punk band from Hamilton. This is there last release! Im not really sure what they are up to or what they have planned but Ive noticed that they have been playing shows again recently, so go see them if you can for a bunch of drunken singalongs.

Bludgers - All Night Drinking

City Newton Bombers - Self Titled (2006)

City Newton Bombers were a Punk band from Auckland playing music in the vein of Fear etc. Not sure what a happened to them really! Enjoy

CNB Download