Thursday 9 April 2015

Crimes - MMIX (2010)

Full length from Crimes, release Feb 2010.


Crimes - Three Track (2011)

Crimes were a Hardcore band with a Power-violence and Fastcore influence from Palmerston North. They release this 3 song Ep in 2011. They also had a full album that will be posted next. Download Three Track for free from bandcamp.

Markdown - Self Titled (2014)

Markdown are a Auckland Punk band. All their members work at the local record store, which their lyrics mention with such songs as 'Sticker Swapping Whore' and 'Ten Minute Break'. Fun band, definitely check them out live to! This albums only 5 bukka on bandcamp.

Spiteful Urinator - Death For Fun & Profit (2013)

Just realised we hadn't posted one of the Spiteful albums. Check this one out if you like the others!


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Superior Vision - Self Titled Ep (2014)

Superior Vision are a new Straight-edge Hardcore band from Auckland. This is their first 3 song EP.


Too Late - Self Titled Ep (2013)

Too Late are a Metal influenced Hardcore band from Auckland. I'm under the impression they have a new album in the works so keep an eye out.


Tuesday 7 April 2015

Agents of Abhorrence - Relief (2013)

Another great Grindcore band from across the ditch in Melbourne. Agents of Abhorrence have been playing for around 10 years and have a multitude of releases. This is the latest one.


Gawj - So Far Away From Giving a Fuck We Can't Be Seen (2009)

Gawj were a Crust band with grind influence from Hamilton. This was their most recent release. Brilliant album name says it all.


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