Tuesday 21 January 2020

DAHTM - Silver Banshee (2019)

First release from Wellington's newest Doom/Crust band DAHTM. Featuring members of Rogernomix and Ayn Randy, this is definitely another Wellington band to check out and watch for releases in 2020!


FiDGET - Venezuelan Debt Collectors (2019)

Two piece powerviolence project from Leeds UK, featuring a member of Aucklands, Penny Dreadfuls. They have a few other releases that are worth checking out. Watch this space!


Unsanitary Napkin / Contenders - Split (2019)

Cassette split from Wellington's anti-capitalist juggernaut Unsanitary Napkin, and Hamilton legends Contenders. Anarcho-Punk meets Garage Punk. Up for free on bandcamp!


Sunday 19 January 2020

Zone Killer - Zone of Death (2019)

Absolutely ruthless 2019 release from Wellington Grinders Zone Killer. One of the first releases through the new Wellington label Elimination Records. Check on bandcamp, get in to it!


Dateless - Extreme Brewed Crash Cooled (2019)

Very first EP from Auckland's Dateless. Featuring ex members of Markdown, Two Wolves and Sex Pest, Dateless play a mix of Garage Punk and Hardcore punk. Self released and up for free on bandcamp, tapes available at Plebiscite!

'This EP is dedicated to the memory of Karyn Cullington, Jesse Larsen, Kalem O'Brien, Anna Antoinette Pastor-Bouwmeester'


Pvnisher - Aleswiller (2019)

2019 was a busy year from Wellington's Black Metal/Crust duo Pvnisher, with two releases and several tracks within NZ compilations. Aleswiller is their most recent release on cassette. Features the Razored Raw progenitor himself. Up for free on bandcamp!


Pvnisher - A Private Hell (2019)

'Two piece blackened punk filth PVNISHER (Wellington) make their first forray onto wax, vomiting up seven and half minutes of hardcore punk BM filth.
A split release from Razored Raw, Six Noises and Hairy Palm Tapes.'

7" still available!


Thursday 16 January 2020

Rungus Among Us: Welling Hardcore Punk 2019 - Compilation (2019)

Razored Raw has done it again with on of the best releases of 2019! DIY Hardcore punk at its best. Rungus Among Us features tracks from 13 of Wellingtong's thriving Hardcore Punk scene, including: Piggery, Ayn Randy, G.D.V, Rogernomix, DAHTM, Bowel Rupture, Bordger, Stress Ghetto, Chainsore, Cannibal Genocide, Unsanitary Napkin, Pvnisher, and Disco. Up for free on bandcamp, or get in quick for one of the last cassettes.

Basically this comp goes fucking hard. Watch out for upcoming releases this year from Razored Raw.


No Brainers - S/t (2019)

After all being fired for stealing Sick Old Man records from Real Groovy, Markdown has ceased to exist but out from the courtroom comes No Brainers. Bit of musical chairs happening has Mookie on vox this time, delivering their first EP of 80's style hardcore punk.


Stress Ghetto - Fall 2019 Tour Split Release (With World Peace and Heckdorlan) (2019)

This cassette was made for Stressy's worldwind 2019 West Coast Tour that included one date in Mexico, with World Peace (San Francisco, California) and Heckdorlan (San Jose, California). Another solid as fuck releases from the powerviolence powerhouse that is Stress Ghetto. More please!

Split release from:
No Time Records notimeforfun.bandcamp.com
Mullet Death Records mulletdeathrecords.bandcamp.com
Destruktomuzik destruktomuzik.bandcamp.com
Razored Raw Bandcamp (download)

Pulvinar - Noisomekind (2019)

Latest Auckland hard-outs Pulvinar's first release! Up for free download on bandcamp or buy a physical copy from Plebiscite. Released on Limbless Music.

'Pulvinar are a 2 piece crust / grindcore / punk band from Auckland, New Zealand.

Pulvinar are previous members of South African punk bands who started this project when they moved to Auckland, New Zealand.

They have been playing punk music since the early 2000s and were formerly affiliated with Sleeping at the Popes and Touched By Nausea among others.


Tuesday 14 January 2020

2020 Update!

Kia Ora! Symphonies blog hasn't been very active since early 2019 but we are back into it for 2020! There's a wealth of excellent NZ releases that have come out since we last posted, so over the next week we will be posting plenty of updates!

Long live blogspot!

Ps: We have both been busy with our other projects which you should definitely check out!

Plebiscite Records has launched and opened a distro on bigcartel, selling mainly releases from Aotearoa/NZ. Watch this space for upcoming releases in 2020!

Hairy Palm is still going strong, releasing several things this year, including another compilation (Hairy Palm #Vol 3) featuring all the best local Punk/Hardcore from around the country. Watch out for upcoming releases in 2020 as well.

Benny from Hairy Palm has also been featured on Maximum Rock n Rolls remote radio, hosting a podcast about punk/hardcore from Aotearoa/New Zealand. Listen here:


Thirdly, Hairy Palms offshoot Caveman Noise has put out the second issue of its zine, featuring interview with Sydney's ROBBER, Wellington bands, PIGGERY, ZONE KILLER and power electronics/noise freak MUTATION. Cover art by Alex Brown along with Jess Dew. Also featuring reviews, rambling and more!

Caveman Noise has also started its own show on Auckland 95 bFM airing Sundays 1-3am after Hard Fast and Heavy. Check out the podcast here:


Happy new years blah blah from Symphonies blog!