Thursday 26 March 2015

Silly Drunken Bastards - S/T (2014)

Silly Drunken Bastards are a straight up Punk band from Invercargill in the South Island. They've been playing since 2012. Saw them at Waitangi Waste fest a couple years ago and just discovered they have an ep! $5 on bandcamp.

Where's Gary's Duvet? - Supplying Alcohol to Minors Since 2004 (2007)

Where’s Gary’s Duvet? were an 8 piece ska band from Auckland, active from June 2004 - August 2008.They only released this track demo CD. A CD was planned to be released in early 2008, although recordings were never finished. Members went on to form Night Gaunts.

Thursday 12 March 2015

Smashin Off - Animal Maths (2007)

Smashin Off were an Auckland Hardcore/Noisey/Punk band around mid-late 2000s. This ep was recorded live at the Dank, I am lead to believe. Although they are defunct now check this ep out!


Electric Mayhem - Numbskull Split (2011)

Electric Mayhem were a Skate Thrash/Hardcore band from Hamilton. Around late 2000s to mid 2010s. I'm really posting this so I can find the their old demo! Does anyone have this? If so could you post in the comments?

BAD - Not Bad (2012)

Bad were a Hardcore punk band from Auckland featuring ex members of Missing Teeth and Brick vs Face. They were only around a short time in early 2010s. Straight up hardcore punk.


Shitripper - S/T (2012)

2012 self titled release from Shitripper. Unfortunately this one is not free. But it's pretty cheap on bandcamp at only $5.

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Shitripper - Brain Defect (2013) Here

Shitripper - Badboy 4 (2011)

Forth Ep from Shitripper.


Shitripper - Badboy 3 (2010)

Third Ep from Shitripper.


Shitripper - Badboy 2 (2009)

Second release from Shitripper.


Shitripper - Badboy 1 (2008)

Shitripper are an stalwart Auckland hardcore/fastcore band that been around since 2007. Thought I would post all their old eps up here. They do have newer releases out but you have to buy em off bandcamp!


Tuesday 10 March 2015

Sabbatic Goat - Imprecations of Black Chaos (2014)

Sabbatic Goat are a Black Metal/grincore inflenced band from Wellington/Paraparaumu. This is their first release I believe. They have recently released a split 7'' with Auckland's War metallers Trepanation.


The Wrongmen - S/T 7'' (2007)

The Wrongmen were an Auckland Hardcore/Crust band. This is their 3 track 7'' from 2007.


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The Wrongmen Self Titled - Here

The Wrongmen Den Of Vipers - Here

Evil Priest - II Hardcore Gods (2003)

Evil Priests second album. Best album in my opinion! Evil Priest 1999-2006.


Also check out their remastered 'The Best Of' release on bandcamp for free.

Evil Priest - III A Hardcore Legacy (2005)

Last Evil Priest album.


Evil Priest - Underground Hardcore (2002)

Hamilton's metallic hardcore legends Evils Priests first full length album. These guys played a major role in NZ hardcore in the early to mid 2000s. Featureing members of The Warpath, DSM and This Night Creeps.


Numbskull - Demo Tape (2010)

Second demo from Numbskull.


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Full Length - Here

Demo - Here

Numbskull - 1080 Demo (2010)

1st ever demo from Numbskull. Very raw recordings but still pretty ruckus.


Also check out their more recent full length:

Satin Lives - S/T (2011)

Satin Lives were a Hardcore/Fastcore/Thrash band from Auckland around in late 2000s early 2010s. This is their only proper release. You can also find some bootleg tracks on their bandcamp.


Monday 9 March 2015

Bloodfvkk - Reckless Violence (2015)

Bloodfvkk are an Auckland Grindcore/Death Metal band. They have just released this full length on bandcamp for $5! This is a bit long awaited as I believe they have been playing shows since 2012, but was worth the wait. Memebers of Exordium Mors and Nullifier.

Tentacles of Destruction - Demo (2006)

Haven't posted it before but its one of my favourite releases from New Zealand. Tentacles were a 80s hardcore influenced punk band from Auckland. Members went on to play in Two Wolves, Sex Pest, and Tactical Attack among others.


Also check out more here:

Tentacles of Destruction - Home

The Warpath - Nowhere to Run (2006)

The Warpath were a Hamilton Hardcore/Metalcore band around in the 2000s. They featured members of other important hardcore bands at the time such as Evil Priest and Antagonist A.D. I believe they have other eps around but can't find em!


Task One - Task One (2005)

Task One were a Ska punk band around in the mid 2000s. They always put on fun shows doing some hilarious hip hop covers including the Chingy cover on this ep.


Losses - The Moon is Hell (2015)

New 1 track ep from Palmy's Losses. Not sure if this is gonna be part of full length in the future but hopefully. A lot darker than their previous stuff! Free on bandcamp.

Thursday 5 March 2015

Bonecruncher - S/T (2015)

Bonecruncher are a newish D-beat/Crust band from Wellington/Palmy. Recordings live right up to the great live performance they give! You can buy the 12' or get it for 10 bucks on bandcamp.

Scab Eater - Abject Flesh (2013)

Scab eater are a Aussie mid temp but driving Hardcore punk band from Melbourne. This release is from 2013 but free on bandcamp. Check out bandcamp for more recent releases.