Saturday 25 February 2012

Missing Teeth Re-Union Show @ Thirsty Dog

This is a clip from Missing Teeth's reunion show at the Thirsty Dog last night. Missing Teeth were brilliant and rowdy as ever, playing their own mix of Hardcore Punk/Ska Punk. It was awesome to see them play again after a couple of years of nothing, they are playing another show in Wellington at Medusa on the 3rd of March so get down there! Check out our Youtube channel for more clips of them etc Symphoniesofslackness Youtube.

Pick Of The Litter Vol. 2 Compilation (2004)

This is an old PuppyKiller Record Compilation that came out in 2004 featuring 33 tracks from a range of bands (who are mostly defunct now) including Missing Teeth, Roofdog, Garage Fodder, Evil Priest, Poisoners, Army Of Darkness, Hung Jury, Malevolence, Horror Story and Mistaken Identity. Large range of styles played in this compilation, we need more like this. Decided to post this after watching an awesome Missing Teeth reunion show last night.

Pick of The Litter Vol 2

PS: If Anyone has Pick Of The Litter Vol. 1 it would be mean as if you could post it or something?

xFrankGrimesx - Pretty Buzzy (2011)

xFrankGrimesx were a raw Power Violence band from Christchurch who started in 2010 and broke up a little while ago at the beginning of the year. This was their 2nd and final CD complete with David Attenborough tribute song and a parody of Iron Lungs track Sexless//No Sex called Snackless//No Snacks. Check out their bandcamp to listen to their earlier material.

xFrankGrimesx - Pretty Buzzy

Parents live at Spoonfed Show

Parents playing on the recent Spoonfed Tour show at Thirsty Dog. Parents are an awesome Hardcore/Thrash/Screamo band from Auckland who are always playing shows so definitely go and watch them live, its always lively as fuck.

Pillage - Fuck Brian Tamaki Ep (2010)

My old Power Violence bands 6 track EP recorded in mid 2010 by Chris at Zeal. We broke up in early 2011 but thought I would post this because hopefully someone still wants to listen to it.

Wednesday 22 February 2012

'Spoonfed' Live at Thirsty Dog

This is a video of Spoonfed (Sydney, Australia) from their recent New Zealand tour. The video is from a show at the Thirsty Dog Tavern in Auckland, where local bands, Parents, Shitripper and Rogernomix (Wellington) also played. 18/02/2012