Thursday 23 February 2017

Spiteful Urinator - Absurdities and Death Rites (2017)

Another banger album from Spiteful, need more be said? Click the link.


Human Resource - S/t (2017)

Debut Ep from Auckland's Post Hardcore outfit Human Resource. They are currently doing a mini tour of Aussie so check them out if your over there! Free on bandcamp, physical release to come later.


Monday 6 February 2017

Abschäumer - Blood & Greed (2017)

First release from Dunedin's Abschäumer. Fast Crusty Hardcore, with members of Scum Hammer and Conniption. Free on bandcamp!


Knee Splitter - Phase Stun (2017)

Second ep from Dunedin's Hardcore/Grindcore otfit Kneesplitter. Recorded at Carpet Dungeon Recordsing in Dunners. Free on bandcamp!!