Monday 1 June 2015

Open Tomb - Demo 1 (2011)

The very first demo from Open Tomb. Also check the new stuff by these guys out on their bandcamp!


Open Tomb - Open Tomb (2012)

Early ep from Hamilton's Doom/Sludge act Open Tomb.


Also Check Out:

Open Tomb - Slower Than Thou: Here

Children of the Greyscale Rainbow - Deinopis (2015)

Children of The Greyscale Rainbow is a friends noise projects from Dunedin. Noisy, droney and experimental. They also have other recordings on bandcamp for free.


Gravemind - S/t (2013)

Gravemind are a Dunedin Punk band. They describe themselves as a mix of Punk, Hardcore, New Wave, Post punk, Rock n' Roll and Pop Punk. Get their album free from bandcamp!