Sunday 16 November 2014

Bazooka - Stomp (2014?)

Bazooka are a South Island Punk band with a varying sound and a diverse influence. This is their full length.


Wednesday 12 November 2014

Hairy Palm: #01 Slavedriver - Self titled EP Tape

Hairy Palm #1 still avaliable, but only a few left. $10 (not including postage). Contact us on to obtain a copy.


Pissed Off Bastards - Self titled EP (2014)

Wellingtons Pissed Off Bastards play drunken crust noise punk nonsense. DIY recordings along with boozed singalongs such as 'Don't come talkin to ME' make for a rowdy listen.


Fantails - Self Titled (2014)

Newest release from Wellington's long standing Riot Grrrl punk outfit Fantails. Buy for $6.66 on bandcamp. Older releases for free below!

Fantails - Matariki Mayhem (2012)

Second Fantails Ep

Fantails - Shake Your Tail Feather (2011)

1st ep of Wellington Riot Grrrl Punk band Fantails. Free on bandcamp.