Wednesday 21 January 2015

Graves - Fides Ad Nauseam (2015)

Another crushing release from Auckland band, Graves. Punishing as always, will post a better write up when I'm not drunk. Check it the fuck out.


Tuesday 20 January 2015

Slitzkrieg - Slitzkrieg (2014)

Slitzkrieg are a hardcore band from Dunedin, these guys play fast, pissed off hardcore. Missed these guys at Nevermind Punkfest 2014, but this demo goes fucking hard. Check it out on their bandcamp.


Worn Out Zine Issue #1

Issue #1 of Worn Out Zine, that we help put together as part of  the Worn Out Collective. This issues from October last year but we will have #2 out soon. This issue features interviews with A389 Recordings, Gehenna, Losses, Generation Dead and NevermindthePunkfest organiser Lance Downing, review articles etc.

PDF Version

Worn Out #1

Aborted Christians - Sustained By Evil, Possessed In Hell (2013)

Aborted Christians entire discography here to bleed you dry. Ugly, grinding, stoned, evil, christ-hating grind, here to rub sandpaper in your ears. This band was active in Hamilton a few years ago and were fucking evil. This release was put out by Zero Style in Wellington in 2013, as a discography of sorts. Includes the album "Submission, Forgiveness, Death!" which is somewhere on this blog if you can be bothered digging about. For now, its on the Zero Style Bandcamp, it was initially released as a tape but has long sold out. They have/had a split with Wellington powerviolence duo Police Lineup in 2010, which was released on Always Never Fun Records, but is most likely long sold out. Hit up Discogs I guess?


Downer Buzz S/T (2015)

Featuring members of Shortlived, Meth Drinker, Rogernomix, Numbskull, Entrails, Johnny and The Felchers (who else, eh? Only two bloody people) Downer Buzz throw nasty, rungus, hardout noise punk right in your stupid ugly ears. They just released their 12" which you can purchase from Always Never Fun Records or from Black Coffee in Newtown, Wellington. This shit is fucking mean, and limited to only 100 copies so get in quick. Check it out on bandcamp if you got a spare thousand bucks lying round.


Friday 16 January 2015

With Teeth - MXIII (2014)

With Teeth are a relatively new grind/powerviolence band from Dunedin, grindingly fast high pitched gurgles of noise. Haven't had a chance to see them yet, but I think they're playing Auckland on the 24th of January with Parents, Wizz Kids and Superior Vision, at Lucha Lounge.

Anyways, couldn't find a bandcamp, but here's a link to their demo I stumbled across.

With Teeth - MXIII

Shock Futuro - Ruido Destructivo (2012)

Shock Futuro were a Fastcore band from Wellington who formed in around 2010 playing their first show at Punkfest 2010. Released by El Pase record run by the singer. Members also played in Malparido.


Shallow Grave - S/T (2013)

Shallow Grave are a doom metal band from Auckland, this is their 2013 self titled release, I picked this tape up through Taphephobia Productions and it fuckin' rules. Slow, creepy, atmospheric, groovy, its great. This shit is fucking heavy, crushing doom. Its also available through their bandcamp, well worth checking out. I think I have a vague memory of seeing these guys at a house party once with Meth Drinker, Crawler and Viking Weed (might be wrong about that, foggy memory), that fucking ruled.


Thursday 15 January 2015

Canine/Diploid split (2014)

Canine (Sydney) and Diploid (Melb) put out this split last November, its available for free via Bandcamp.
Hopefully they'll have copies available on their NZ tour.


Canine - Demo (2013)

Canine are a hardcore punk band from Sydney, Australia. They play fast as fuck punk, and are coming to New Zealand for a North Island tour with Wellington d-beat punks, Rogernomix in late January/early February, dates are as followed:

Auckland - Friday 30th Jan - Lucha Lounge w/ PARENTS and GRAVES

Hamilton - Saturday 31st Jan - Biddy Mulligans w/ WIZZ KIDS and SPITEFUL URINATOR

Palmerston North - Thursday 5th Feb - The Royal w/ THE DILFS, THE METHADONNAS, and BLACK CHROME

Wellington - Friday 6th Feb - Black Coffee - Matinee show at 5pm

Wellington - Saturday 7th Feb at Valhalla for Waitangi Waste Fest!

They have a demo recorded sometime in 2013 available on their bandcamp.

Canine demo (2013)

Wednesday 14 January 2015

Sports Violence - Sports Violence Ep (2011)

Sports Violence were a short lived hardcore band from Palmerston North. This is their roughly recorded ep from 2011.


Pick Of The Litter Vol. 1 Compilation (2002)

Puppykiller Records first compilation featuring mostly Auckland bands including Missing Teeth, The Managers, Roofdog, Sticky Filth, Evil Priest, The Rudies and Horror Story.


Check out - Pick Of The Litter Vol. 2

Mistaken Identity - Demos (2000s)

Mistaken Identity were a street punk band from Hamilton around in the early 2000s. A friend sent me a bunch of recordings that were all demos so I don't quite know when they were recorded or what release they are from. Some of the songs would eventually become Bludgers songs. Members went on to form Suicide Dogs and The Bludgers.


Also check out these bands:
The Bludgers - All Night Drinking
Suicide Dogs - Breakin Away

The Bleeders - A Bleeding Heart Ep (2003)

The Bleeders were a hardcore punk band with a poppy edge from Auckland. This was there 1st release as far as I know. They had a big following in the 2000s.


Tuesday 13 January 2015

Streetkunt - Shit Kunts, Shit Times (2006)

Streetkunt were a D-beat band from Auckland around in the mid 2000s. Dark metallic d-beat at its finest.


Monday 12 January 2015

Waitangi Waste Fest 2015!

2 nights 25 bands! $10 per night or $15 if you get in before 7:45pm on Friday.  Drink specials on both nights TBA @ Valhalla 154 Vivian st, Central Wellington

Line up:

7:00 - Bad Management (20)
7:35 - Hollywoodfun Downstairs (25)
8:15 - Over-Population - Hawkes Bay (25)
9:00 - Dimestore Skanks (30)
9:45 - The Dilfs (25)
10:25 - Kaizen - Aucks (20)
11:05 - Starving Millions (25)
11:45 - Gripper - NelScum (30)
12:35 - Arm & Hammer - Chch (25)
1:15 - Graves - Aucks (20)
1:45 - RATT FACE - Dunners (25)
2:25 - The Dobermen

6:00 - Erica Freas Music - America (20)
6:35 - The Grand - Aucks (20)
7:15 - ghosts of electricity - Aucks (25)
8:00 - Dead Vicious (25)
8:45 - Slug Hugger - Aucks (25)
9:30 - Phone Sex Robots - Wgtn/Hamtron (25) Dan
10:15 - Generation Dead Band - Hawkes Bay (25)
11:00 - Rogernomix (25)
11:45 - Canine - Aussie (25)
12:35 - Bazooka - Dunners (20)
1:10 - Pavement Saw- Chch (20)
1:45 - Fantails (20)
2:20 - At A Loose End - Aucks