Wednesday 27 August 2014

Trepanation - Strike With Chaos (2014)

Video for the Trepanation track, "Strike With Chaos", featured on the Monomaniac Vol.4 compilation, also on their upcoming split with Wellington black metallers, Sabbatic Goat.

Saturday 23 August 2014

Monday 4 August 2014

Parents - Low Life (2014)

Parents's latest release differs heavily from their previous self-titled album, a lot of the screamo elements are gone, leaving a blisteringly heavy assault of noisy chaotic hardcore, with clear grind/powerviolence influences. This 7" just came out and is definitely worth buying, their release show last Friday was fantastic.

Parents - Low Life

Meth Drinker s/t 7" (2013) Meth Drinker/Moloch split (2013)

Last year, whilst on tour in Europe, Wellington's Meth Drinker released two records, one a self titled 7", and the other a split with the UK's Moloch. I haven't managed to get either of these, but some of the Meth Drinker tracks can be heard via their bandcamp:

Meth Drinker s/t 7"
Meth Drinker/Moloch

Spiteful Urinator - Work Crimes (2014)

Spiteful Urinator are back, with their third release of blackened hateful D-Beat, complete with more guttural loathing and hatred towards all things, from elitist punks (Q:Punk A:Shit!) to the number of churches in their town (Too Many Churches). Filled with chainsaw riffs and sandpaper gargling vocals, Spiteful Urinator are still blasting out raw blackened punk, with scathingly humorous lyrics regarding backwards government policies and scene politics. Highlights of this album include 'The Mayor', with lyrics like "(I) can't play a guitar solo without sucking, (I've) never listened to Manowar while fucking".
Featuring members of Aborted Christians.

Spiteful Urinator - Work Crimes