Tuesday 11 August 2015

Yung Nat$ - Live @ Lucha Lounge (2015)

Yung Nat$ are a new self proclaimed SafePunk band from Dunedin who play Punk/Hardcore. This is a recording from their tour with Machina Rex @ the Lucha Lounge in Auckland 04/07/15, courtesy of Fluffy.


Monday 10 August 2015

Inside Arkham - Live @ Whammy Bar (2015)

Inside Arkham are a long running Thrash/Death Metal act with grindcore influence. Im not sure if they have an ep or any recordings, so we got this courtesy of our mate Fluffy! Live at Whammy Bar 13/06/2015.


Also check out Fluffys Souncloud! https://soundcloud.com/live-from-the-floor

Mucus Kids - Mosh for Jesus (2015)

Mucus Kida are a new band from Auckland, self proclaimed SewerPunk! This is there first ep. You can buy it for $5 on bandcamp.