Tuesday 28 January 2014

Graves / Conniption Split (2014)

Brand new Split from two of my favourite NZ bands! Graves (Auckland) play Grindy Hardcore and Conniption (Dunedin) play Crust. This is free for download but please buy their tape if you can!
 (Also Check out both these bands other stuff on this blog)


Slavedriver - Demo (2013)

Demo (1 song) from Auckland Hardcore/Grindcore band Slavedriver. These guys play regularly around Auckland so check them out. There is talk of a full release this year


Thursday 23 January 2014

Gutrot - Rough As Guts (2013)

Gutrot are a 4 piece D-Beat/Crust band from Wellington, They've been playing for couple years now this is their 1st release, home recorded, dirty, alcohol fueled crustopianism  . They should have some new stuff coming out this year! RIP Lorne street!

Rough As Guts

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Trepanation - Hideous Black Abyss (2013)

Trepanation are a 3 piece War Metal/Black Metal/Grindcore band with members or Filthy Lucifer, Caskgrinder, Conniption etc. This is their 1st release, but I believe they have something new coming soon. The album is up for free on their bandcamp, but give a donation if you can!