Sunday, 26 May 2019

Piggery - S/t (2019)

Upcoming release from new Wellington Stenchcore bastards Piggery. Members of Stress, Ghetto, Rogernomix and Meth Drinker. Joint release with Razored Raw, Limbless records, AlwaysNeverFun and as the first release for SixNoises.


Ayn Randy - Talk Talk Talk EP (2019)

Latest release from Wellingtons garage/hardcore punk outfit Ayn Randy. Released for their recent Australian tour!


Severed Beliefs - Demo (2019)

New beatdown Hardcore from Wellington. Part of a bit of a resurgence of NZHC! Released on new label Elimination Records.


Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Total Ruin - S/t 7' (2019)

Most recent release from Wellingtons noisey hardcore punk band Total Ruin. Released on Limbless Music and Always Never Fun. Features members of Meth Drinker.


Noxo - Lizard (2019)

Second solo release from Aucklands Noxo! Noisey weirdness with a hint of hardcore punk. Self described 'Dumbeat'. Release on Hairy Palm.


Chainsore - Noxious Blight Demo (2019)

New dirgy solo project from the progenitor of Razored Raw himself! Crusty Hardcore goodness for all.


Stress Ghetto / Get It Today - Split (2019)

Second recent split from Wellington hardouts Stress Ghetto with Indonesian Powerviolence Grind band Get It Today. Released on Razored Raw.


Stress Ghetto / Leech - Split (2018)

Wellington's PV crew Stress Ghetto have been busy over the last year! This is there split with Japanese grindy hardcore band Leech. Released on Razored Raw.


Thursday, 2 May 2019

Hairy Palm Vol. 3 - Compilation (2019)

Latest release from Hairy Palm featuring bands from across the country. Including: Mutation, Piggery, Dogcock, Stress Ghetto, Pvnisher, Spiteful Urinator, Bowel Rupture, Zhukov, Total Ruin, Noxo, and TV Blue.

'An obsessive attempt at documenting the musical output of punks up and down the country with tracks from late 2018 to early 2019, the third installment in a disgusting trilogy. Packed with roughly half an hour of the most abrasive punk and noise acts I could wrangle together from Aotearoa's flourishing (rotting?) underground.'


TVX - S/t (2019)

Very special release by Wellington's Tvx in memory of their vocalist and beloved friend of ours Anna, who sadly passed away last year. Produced using live vocals from one of their last gigs. She would have been so bloody chuffed if she heard this. Records are still available that you can buy through bandcamp.


RIP Anna <3 <3 <3