Saturday 27 December 2014

Entrails - Laid To Waste (2011)

Second release from Entrails. Free on bandcamp.


Entrails - Entrails (2009)

Entrails were a Hardcore/Grindy band from Wellington. This is their 1st release up for free on their bandcamp. Members went on to form Numbskull.


The Wrongmen - Selft Titled (2007)

Second release from defunct Auckland hardcore band The Wrongmen.Members of Evil Priest and the Warpath.

Link here for other releases:

Shortlived - Mindrot (2009)

Mindrot 7'' by Shortlived from Wellington.


Shortlived - Demo 7'' (2008)

Shortlived were a prominent fastcore/punk band from Wellington. They produced two 7'' and a full length 12''. This is the early demo. Members went on to form bands such as Rogernomix, Meth Drinker and Fantails.


Friday 26 December 2014

Cult Of The Cobra - Self Titled (2010)

Album from Wellingtons now defunct all girl Hardcore Punk band Cult of the Cobra. Members of Punchbowl, Natural Glow and Malpario among others.


Vomit Storm - Mudge Or Be Mudged (2014)

Full length album (not official release on a format yet) from Wellingtons rungus thrash metallers Vomit Storm. Download on bandcamp.

Sunday 16 November 2014

Bazooka - Stomp (2014?)

Bazooka are a South Island Punk band with a varying sound and a diverse influence. This is their full length.


Wednesday 12 November 2014

Hairy Palm: #01 Slavedriver - Self titled EP Tape

Hairy Palm #1 still avaliable, but only a few left. $10 (not including postage). Contact us on to obtain a copy.


Pissed Off Bastards - Self titled EP (2014)

Wellingtons Pissed Off Bastards play drunken crust noise punk nonsense. DIY recordings along with boozed singalongs such as 'Don't come talkin to ME' make for a rowdy listen.


Fantails - Self Titled (2014)

Newest release from Wellington's long standing Riot Grrrl punk outfit Fantails. Buy for $6.66 on bandcamp. Older releases for free below!

Fantails - Matariki Mayhem (2012)

Second Fantails Ep

Fantails - Shake Your Tail Feather (2011)

1st ep of Wellington Riot Grrrl Punk band Fantails. Free on bandcamp.

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Diploid - Human (2013)

Diploid are a 3 piece Grindcore/Black Metal/Hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia. This is a recent release that can be purchased on their bandcamp. The bandcamp has other releases up for free etc. They are about to tour NZ so watch out for them!

Christchurch NeverMindThePunkfest 2014!!

That's right it's happening again, Christchurch's annual punk festival, featuring great bands from all over the country and even across the ditch this time.

Friday Night - 24th October
The Trike Club, 117 Maces Road
Doors open 8pm - First band starts 8:30pm SHARP!
$12 Raffle Entry

The Hag (The Underground Lair)
Slitzkrieg (Dunedin)
Log Horn Breed (Christchurch)
Wizz Kids (Hamilton)
The Methadonnas (Palmerston North)
High Risk Maneuver (Wellington/Hamiton)
Conniption (Dunedin/Christchurch)
Masses (Melbourne)

Saturday Day - 25th October
Log Recording - Unit 9, 48 Lismore Street
Starts 1pm onwards
$7 Entry - Gold coin for a T-Shirt Print

Over Population (Napier)
With Teeth (Dunedin/Christchurch)
The Dilfs (Wellington)
Johnny and the Felchers (Wellington)
Ape of Unreason (Christchurch)

+merch stalls and t-shirt printing, so don't forget to bring along some extra scrilla to get some music off the bands from the weekend and a blank t-shirt/hoodie/pillowcase/whatever to get this years poster printed onto your desired item

Saturday Night - 25th October
The Trike Club, 117 Maces Road
Doors Open 8pm - First band starts 8:30 SHARP!
$12 Raffle Entry

Arm & Hammer (?)
Winter (Christchurch)
Infinite Justice (Dunedin)
Fantails (Wellington)
Phone Sex Robots (Wellington)
Slavedriver (Auckland)
Graves (Auckland)
Disparro (sydney)

Sunday Afternoon
Log Recording - Unit 9, 48 Lismore Street
$5 Entry

RATT FACE (Dunedin)
Villain (Christchurch)
Masses (Melbourne)

Last but not least, everyone's favourite punk-rock poet and patron saint of Canterbury Cream,Bolshy McBard will be there to provide witty banter and entertaining pearls of wisdom between acts and long into the night!

All shows are AA/BYO and as usual there will be a bit of food floating around at the shows (probably) if you're feeling a bit peckish through out the event for a gold coin donation.....

See ya there!

Monday 15 September 2014

Rort - Warpath (2014)

 Brutal. Aussie. Grind. This is Melbourne's Rorts latest release, brought to you by RSR Records.

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Trepanation - Strike With Chaos (2014)

Video for the Trepanation track, "Strike With Chaos", featured on the Monomaniac Vol.4 compilation, also on their upcoming split with Wellington black metallers, Sabbatic Goat.

Saturday 23 August 2014

Monday 4 August 2014

Parents - Low Life (2014)

Parents's latest release differs heavily from their previous self-titled album, a lot of the screamo elements are gone, leaving a blisteringly heavy assault of noisy chaotic hardcore, with clear grind/powerviolence influences. This 7" just came out and is definitely worth buying, their release show last Friday was fantastic.

Parents - Low Life

Meth Drinker s/t 7" (2013) Meth Drinker/Moloch split (2013)

Last year, whilst on tour in Europe, Wellington's Meth Drinker released two records, one a self titled 7", and the other a split with the UK's Moloch. I haven't managed to get either of these, but some of the Meth Drinker tracks can be heard via their bandcamp:

Meth Drinker s/t 7"
Meth Drinker/Moloch

Spiteful Urinator - Work Crimes (2014)

Spiteful Urinator are back, with their third release of blackened hateful D-Beat, complete with more guttural loathing and hatred towards all things, from elitist punks (Q:Punk A:Shit!) to the number of churches in their town (Too Many Churches). Filled with chainsaw riffs and sandpaper gargling vocals, Spiteful Urinator are still blasting out raw blackened punk, with scathingly humorous lyrics regarding backwards government policies and scene politics. Highlights of this album include 'The Mayor', with lyrics like "(I) can't play a guitar solo without sucking, (I've) never listened to Manowar while fucking".
Featuring members of Aborted Christians.

Spiteful Urinator - Work Crimes

Wednesday 23 July 2014

Ape of Unreason - ll (2014)

Ape of Unreason are a newish Doomy/Neo Crust/Post Rock band from Christchurch. This is their debut release, up for free on bandcamp. Watch out for these guys.

Unholy Sex Cult - Demo (2014)

Ruckus Wellington Black Metal/Grindcore band Unholy Sex Cults new demo out on Black Chaos Production. $3 bucks on bandcamp, go on.


Future Theft - They're Like Pop Punk Or Whatever (2013)

Auckland local Pop Punk band Future Theft have been playing prolifically around NZ lately. This is their album, get it free on their bandcamp!

Tuesday 22 July 2014

Generation Dead - The Truth Has All Been Said.. (2014)

Latest full length release from Napier's Generation Dead. Recorded at Scumbag College.
Free download @

Lies and Slander - Demo (2013)

Lies and Slander are a 3 piece Grindcore/Sludge/Doom band from Invercargill. This is a demo teaser from hopefully upcoming album.


Sunday 20 July 2014

Onslaught #10

Onslaught #10

Dunedin's biggest punk, hardcore, & DIY music event.

ROGERNOMIX (Wellington)
MINCE ON TOAST (Queenstown)
GOD AWFUL (Dunedin)
BAZOOKA (Port Chalmers)

Only $10
Starts 6pm
Sat 23 Aug, Dunedin Musos Club (12A Manse St)

Thursday 26 June 2014

Brick Vs Face - Think For Yourself (2007)

Brick Vs Faces second full length.


Brick Vs Face - In Your Face! (2006)

Brick Vs Face were a Auckland Hardcore band that formed in 2004. I think they broke up around 2008-9. They had a solid following in the North Island mainly. This is their 1st album, I will post the other one as well.


Monday 16 June 2014

Parents - Demo (2010?)

 This is an older demo from Aucklands Parents. They are releasing the 'Low Life' 7" in August so watch out for that!


Tuesday 15 April 2014

Open Tomb - Slower Than Thou (2012)

Open Tomb are a 3 piece Doom Metal band from Hamilton. This is their release from late 2012, up for free on their band camp. Also Check out their more recent release from late 2013.

Thursday 3 April 2014

Cider Dogz - Demo (2013)

Cider Dogz were a short lived Punk/Oi band from Christchurch, featuring members of Conniption and Ferndale Stranglers. Rugged street punk sound with insightful lyrics to match.


Sunday 23 March 2014

Losses - Zero Fucks (2011)

Losses are a 2 piece Power Violence/Hardcore band from Palmerston North. Don't really know much about these guys but they played a killer set at Hamtown Smackdown a couple of days ago! Definitely keep an eye out for these guys.


Also their bandcamp has earlier eps up for download.

Rogernomix - III (2012)

Third 7'' (Hopefully another one is in the works.)


Rogernomix - Trickle Down Effect (2011)

Second 7"


Rogernomix - S/T (2011)

Rogernomix are a Crusty/Fast Hardcore band from Wellington. They have been around for a few years now and have produced three 7'' records on Alwaysneverfun Records. They have just been over in Australia playing at Such Is Life Festival with Numbskull and Doom. This bands deserves a solid listen! Also all the members have been/are in other bands which are worth checking out including; Meth Drinker, Cult of the Cobra, Scab, Shortlived etc


Thursday 20 March 2014

Sunday 9 March 2014

Down To Agony - El Sueño De Vernos Caer (2009)

Down To Agony are a Dark Melodic Crust/Hardcore band from Spain. Also look for split with Fall Of Efrafa.


Wednesday 12 February 2014

Walrora - ST (2008)

Walrora was an all female Crust/Sludge/Black Metal band from Aussie that came over in about 2008/09 and played a couple of really fun house partys. I don't really know much about them or what happened to them but this is a riveting demo and it deserves more air time. They also did a split 7'' with Scab from Wellington.


Tuesday 28 January 2014

Graves / Conniption Split (2014)

Brand new Split from two of my favourite NZ bands! Graves (Auckland) play Grindy Hardcore and Conniption (Dunedin) play Crust. This is free for download but please buy their tape if you can!
 (Also Check out both these bands other stuff on this blog)

Slavedriver - Demo (2013)

Demo (1 song) from Auckland Hardcore/Grindcore band Slavedriver. These guys play regularly around Auckland so check them out. There is talk of a full release this year


Thursday 23 January 2014

Gutrot - Rough As Guts (2013)

Gutrot are a 4 piece D-Beat/Crust band from Wellington, They've been playing for couple years now this is their 1st release, home recorded, dirty, alcohol fueled crustopianism  . They should have some new stuff coming out this year! RIP Lorne street!

Rough As Guts

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Trepanation - Hideous Black Abyss (2013)

Trepanation are a 3 piece War Metal/Black Metal/Grindcore band with members or Filthy Lucifer, Caskgrinder, Conniption etc. This is their 1st release, but I believe they have something new coming soon. The album is up for free on their bandcamp, but give a donation if you can!