Friday 11 October 2013

Shitripper - Brain Defect (2013)

Shitripper are a long running Auckland Hardcore Punk band. After various member changes they have settled and have been making a name for themselves touring Aussie and opening for international acts such as Municipal Waste, Nasum and Suicidal Tendencies. This is their latest release available for purchase on their bandcamp for cheap.

The Bandcamp also has quite a few old ep for free! They are playing all the time at the moment so theres plenty of opportunities to see them!

Thursday 10 October 2013

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Conniption - Fuck The Stadium (2008)

First album from Conniption. I'm pretty sure my old copy was made out of cardboard from some shitty South Island beer box which had been painted black and a patch was the cover. DIY at its finest.


Conniption - Demo (2007)

Conniption are a Crust/Dbeat band from Dunedin that has been playing for ages! The word 'Conniption' means a fit of rage or hysterics. They had a brief hiatus for a while but they are playing Punkfest this year and have been promising since last year to do a full length ;). This is an early demo tape. Members of Conniption have other projects around the place to that are well worth finding out about including Frank Grimes, Black Forest, The Cider Dogs, ScumHammer, Gravemind etc

Ois II Men - All Yous Cunts Can Fuck Right Off! (2007)

First Ep from Ois II Men. Enjoys Adans beautiful Kiwi drawl.


Ois II Men - The Early Weeks Demo (2007)

Bunch of shitty recording that show the early start of Ois II Men.


Ois 2 Men - Hairs to Oi! (2008)

Ois II Men were a hilarious piss take Oi band from Christchurch. They sang about hating Rugby, getting pissed, eating pies and small towns, solid Kiwiana themes. They won a competition that gave them a chance to play at the local KFC which everyone had a good laugh at (there's some YouTube videos somewhere). They release 1 demo, 1 ep and this full length album. The members all were/are involved in other projects to look out for. Hairs To Oi! is the full length, The other stuff will be posted after.


Missing Teeth - Disaster EP (20??)

Second release from Missing Teeth, for your pleasure.


Sunday 6 October 2013

Never Mind The Punkfest 2013! (Christchurch)

Friday Night, 25th October BYO/AA $12 Raffle Entry @ Trike Club 117 Maces Road:

Graves (AK)
Kia Kaha Kids (AK)
Vomit Storm (Welly)
Conniption (Duds/CHCH)
The Dilfs (Welly)
Scum Hammer (Duds)
Skeletor (CHCH)

Saturday Afternoon, 26th October BYO/AA $7 Raffle Entry @ Abberley Park Hall, Saint Albans:

Influence (Welly)
Feral Hunks (Duds)
God Awful (Duds)

+ Stalls, Food, Screenprinting And Other Activities

Saturday Night, 26th October BYO/AA $12 Raffle Entry @ Trike Club 117 Maces Road:

Gripper (Nelson)
Johnny And The Felchers (Welly)
Sawdust (CHCH)
The Cider Dogs (formerly the hommos) (CHCH)
Bazooka (Port Chalmers)

And Last But Not Least MC Bolshy Mc Bard To Provide Entertainment Between Sets

Poster and more details to come so watch this space!

Saturday 5 October 2013

Slave Driver @ 3rd Ave

Slave Driver are an Auckland Hardcore/Grind band from Auckland. Check out there facebook for tracks from upcoming ep.

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Disparo - Beer, Broad and Power Chords (2012)

Disparo are a Fast-core band from Sydney Australia. Posting this because they are Touring New Zealand at the moment! Show at Zeal tonight then Whammy Bar tomorrow etc
This ep is from 2012. There's also some other cool stuff on the bandcamp for free download!