Wednesday 31 July 2013

Suicide Dogs - Breakin Away (2006)

 Suicide Dogs were another Auckland band on Puppy Killer Records the formed in 2005. They played a Rancid, Social Distortion influenced punk. They had members from other sweet NZ band such as Mistaken Identity and Graveyard Rumble. This was there only release. They opened for a few international bands then went their separate ways, with their singer going on to form King Cannons.

Suicide Dogs - Breaking Away (2006)

Poisoners - Self Titled (2006)

The Poisoners were an Auckland Ska Punk/Reggae band that was on Puppy Killer Records alongside Missing Teeth etc. They had a good following around early 2000s/mid 2000s. They had members from Missing Teeth, The Rudies, The Managers etc. They broke up around 2007/08??

Download 'Poisoners'

Hivemind - Demo (2011)


Hivemind - Demo (2010)

Hivemind were a Auckland Hardcore band that played for a few years and produced two sweet as demos. They have since broken up as the members have gone on to other projects etc (Graves, Kia Kaha Kids etc).


Hatewanx - 'Hardout As Bro' Demo (2009)

1st Hatewanx demo I think!

Hatewanx - Ben McNulty Sucks A Mean Dick (2009)

2nd Demo from Hatewanx

Bandcamp Download

Hatewanx - When Animals Attack! (2010)

Hatewanx were a Thrash/Cross over Thrash/ Punk band from Christchurch that were around from about 2008-2010. After releaseing the solid album 'When Animals Attack' they managed to pull off a sweet as New Zealand tour playing all the main cities. Eventually they called it quits, and went on to form other musical projects etc

Bandcamp Download

The Wrongmen - Den Of Vipers (2006)

The Wrongmen were a hardcore band from Auckland, featuring members of Evil Priest. They played very chaotic, energetic hardcore, and members have since gone on to form other bands such as Oil Barrons. This album was/is one of my favorite NZ releases. They released two other records I intend to upload later.
Den Of Vipers Download

Garage Fodder - Scum Beat (2004) / They Make The Rules (2010)

Garage Fodder were a West Auckland Punk band that formed in the early 2000s. They played a raw punk/street punk sound. After playing heaps of gigs around Auckland over the years they released a new album in 2010 (which including a re-release of Scum Beat) and soon after stopped playing shows. If you never saw them these albums definitely worth listening to!

Scum Beat (2004)

They Make The Rules (2010)

Missing Teeth - Ill Gotten Gains (2007)

Theres a lot thats been said about Missing Teeth, but I can't really be bothered rehashing it all. These guys were one of the best punk acts to come out of Auckland, they fucking clocked it. I still play this album all the time, they were fucking great. I'm trying to find a copy of the Disaster EP to upload later. Anyways, if you haven't heard this, download it now.

Monday 29 July 2013

Agrimonia - ST cd (2009)

Agrimonia are a Blackened Crust/Sludge band from Sweden who formed in 2005. This is there Self Titled CD from 2009. One of my favourite albums at the moment!

Two Wolves - Demo (2013)

Two Wolves are a  Stoner Rock/ Bluesy/ Country band that just formed in late 2012 with members from various punk bands (Tentacles Of Destruction, Kia Kaha Kids etc). They are releasing an album "Peal and Roar of Distant Thunder" around August 2013 (that these tracks are from) which will be accompanied by a New Zealand Tour. They have been playing heaps of show around Auckland so see them while you can!

Presented With A Proposition Free from bandcamp

Video above for another song on the upcoming album!

Penny Dreadfuls - Demo (2012)

Penny Dreadfuls are a four piece Riot Grrl/Punk band from Auckland. They started in 2011. This is a few tracks that were recorded as a demo last when they went on tour. They have been on a bit of a break but have just stared playing shows again so watch out any shows coming up!

Download From Soundcloud