Wednesday 14 December 2016

Sick Old Man - Tribunus Plebis Ep (2016)

My D-beat/Crust bands first EP. Free on bandcamp! D.I.Y. Auckland Punk. Tape release through Hairy Palm, available at the Norty or Nice show @ Whammy on Saturday.

Tuesday 13 December 2016

Life Is Hate - S/T (2016)

Latest release from Napier D-beat Hardcore band Life is Hate. Put out by Manifestation Music. Free on bandcamp!


Sunday 11 December 2016

No Class - Boot Boys (2016)

Bunch of NZ punks playing Rock n Roll fueled Oi in Melbourne. Members of Tentacles of Destruction, Lager Louts and Ferndale Stranglers. Up for free on Soundcloud.


Tuesday 6 December 2016

Sunday 4 December 2016

Saturday 3 December 2016

Sunday 27 November 2016

Setentia - Darkness Transcend (2016)

Full length album from Auckland experimental Death Metallers Setentia. Released through Blood Music in Finland. Free on bandcamp!


Friday 4 November 2016

Symphonies Of Slacknes YouTube

Check out our YouTube channel! We are slowly uploading more New Zealand stuff, but there is a lot up already for your enjoyment!


Human Resource - Dearth (Preview) (2016)

Preview track from Auckland's post-hardcore/noise outfit Human Resource's upcoming full length.


Sunday 16 October 2016

Turbulent Juice - Demo Song (2015)

New crusty-dbeat from Dunedin. Featuring members of Conniption. They have a few low-fi demo tracks up on bandcamp. Hopefully they will have an ep or album soon!


Thursday 1 September 2016

Missing Teeth - Same Ol' Brew Rebottled - (2013)

Compilation of Missing Teeths early and unreleased music from the late 1990s until mid 2000s, up for free on bandcamp! Was released on CDR as part of a reunion show in 2013.


AssCharger - Blame It On? (2004)

Now defunct Crust/D-Beat from Hamilton from the mid 2000s. Members of Spiteful Urinator.


Sunday 28 August 2016

Wednesday 24 August 2016

Onslaught 12

This weekend! Dunedins premier Punk and Hardcore event!


SCUMBEAT (Auckland)
RAW PANIC (Wellington)
AYN RANDY (Wellington)
HAIRBRAINS (Wellington)
LOG HORN BREED (Christchurch)
THE RULING ELITE (Christchurch)
MINCE ON TOAST (Queenstown)
SUICIDE BOMBERS (Invercargill)
DRAG WITCH (Dunedin)
BAD SAV (Port Chalmers)
BAZOOKA (Port Chalmers)

Monday 15 August 2016

Thursday 14 July 2016

Hairy Palm Vol. 1 (2015)

Auckland based Hairy Palm Tapes 2015 compilation of NZ Punk and Hardcore. Featuring: Bonecruncher, Graves, High Risk Manouver, Losses, Machina Rex, Markdown, Parents, Rogernomix, Scum Hammer, Slavedriver, Slitzkrieg, Spiteful Urinator, With Teeth and Wizz Kids.


Welcome To The Arse End Of The World - Compilation (2011)

AlwaysNeverFun Records compilation from 2011. Best of New Zealand Punk/Hardcore etc playing at the time, featuring: Aborted Christians, Cask Grinder, Conniption, Crawler, Electric Mayham, Hatewanx, Meth Drinker, Natural Glow, Oilbarrens, Open Tomb, Police Lineup, Rogernomix, Teen Hygiene and Wasteland.


Thursday 7 July 2016

Yung Nat$ - New Zealand's Finest (2016)

Yung Nat$ are a Pop/Hardcore Punk band from Dunedin featuring members of Machina Rex. This is there debut EP. Fiver on bandcamp.


Tuesday 5 July 2016

Ritual Abuse - White Smoke Ritual Demo (2016)

First recording from Wellingtons new Doom outfit Ritual Abuse. They are opening for Weedeater in a week or two so go check em. Free on bandcamp.


Sunday 3 July 2016

Too Late - S/T (2016)

Long awaited album from Auckland Too Late. Metalcore/Hardcore with a thrash influence, released on Aussie Label Death Grip records. $10 on bandcamp


God Awful - Unexpected Bile (2016)

Rungus Hardcore Punk from Dunedin. Free on Bandcamp!


Thursday 16 June 2016

Black Forest - S/T (2010)

Black Forest were a Black Metal band from Dunedin, with members of Conniption and Ois 2 Men.


5th Threat - Threat or Death (2006)

Catchy Auckland Pop Punk from the mid 2000s. Members of Myth of Democracy.


Freak Magnet - S/T (2015)

Latest album from Garage Punk band Freak Magnet from Wellington. Members of Rogernomix and Bonecruncher.


Tuesday 31 May 2016

Moral Turpentine - Brown Piss (2016)

Dirty noise-punk from Napier. Band members putting on the Destroy Napier Fest this weekend, check them out if you get there! Album only a low $666 on bandcamp.


Tuesday 24 May 2016

Master Blaster - Doomsday Ep (2016)

Latest Ep from Auckland Fastcore/Hardcore band Master Blaster (ex Shitripper). Cheap as on bandcamp.


Thursday 19 May 2016

Slitzkrieg/Ripfacer - Split Tape (2016) (SLITZKRIEG SIDE)

New split from Dunedin Hardcore band Slitzkrieg and Wellington Grinders Ripfacer! Download the Slitzkrieg side for free from bandcamp!

Free From Bandcamp

Destroy Naiper 2016!

From the event:

Destroy Napier, back again this year with:

The Brightly Coloured Cocks (Auckland)
Bazooka (Dunedin)
Moral Turpentine (Napier)
Over-Population (Napier)
Ripfacer (Wellington)
Conniption (Dunedin)
Bonecruncher (Wellington)
Raw Panic (Wellington)

Saturday June 4th (Queen's Birthday Weekend)

Doors at 8. Lineup times posted closer to the day.
Small stage gig at The Cabana. $10 on the door.

Souvenir compilation cassettes available for $5.
Limited edition of 25, featuring all the bands.

Punchbowl - Tropicanarchy (2008)

2008 album from Punchbowl (members of Cult of a Cobra/Rogernomix). Hardcore Punk.


Blackout - Demo (200?)

Found this from mid/late 2000s? Auckland Hardcore band Blackouts demo.


Wiped Out: A Tribute to The Wipers from Aotearoa and Beyond (2016)

Zero Style Compilation of covers of legendary punk band The Wipers. Featuring Raw Panic, Wizz Kids, Bloodbags, Sere, Rattface, The Cavemen, Freak Magnet and more. Free on bandcamp!


Tuesday 3 May 2016

Spiteful Urinator - Zero Effort... Maximum Insult (2016)

Latest release from Spiteful Urinator. Released on their current NZ tour with Auckland's War Metallers Trepanation. Cheap on bandcamp.


Monday 2 May 2016

Trepanation - Grand Maw (2016)

Latest tape from Auckland Trepanation, featuring two songs, one on each side. Slower, noiser and more evil and disgusting than before!


Prisoner Of War - Rot (2016)

Debut album from Auckland Black/Thrash Metal outfit Prisoner of War. Released by Iron Bonehead and up on their bandcamp for cheap!


Tuesday 12 April 2016

Machina Rex - Ilill / Machina Rex Split (2016)

Latest split from Dunedin and New Zealands only neo-crust outfit, with Japanese band Ilill. MAchina Rex tracks on bandcamp for a few bucks.


Sunday 13 March 2016

Wednesday 9 March 2016

ChristchurchNevermindThe ̶P̶u̶n̶k̶F̶e̶s̶t̶ ̶Resurrection 2016!

That's right ladies and gentlemen, it's CHCHNMTPF's last installment and its gonna be held over Easter weekend!

Friday Night 25th - 8pm til late
Saturday Day 26th - 1pm til 5
Saturday Night 26th - 8pm til late
Sunday Day 27th - 2pm til late

Most of the line-up as follows.....with a couple more still to suss

Girls pissing on girls pissing (AK)
Log Horn Breed (CHCH)
Pavement Saw (CHCH)
The Dance Asthmatics (CHCH)
Nervous Jerk (CHCH)
Arm & Hammer (CHCH)
Tyrannosaurus Wreck (CHCH)
Sawdust (CHCH)
Holocaust (CHCH)
Dogfish (CHCH)
Rattface (DUDS)
Silly Drunken Bastards (INVERS)
Suicide Bombers (INVERS)

and of course MC Bolshy McBard to provide entertainment between sets and Professional Karoke hosted by Brian Luv.

Screenprinting will be held during the DAYTIME shows, so if you want a something printed, bring your item you wish to have embelleshed with this year's design...
The blood and body of christ will be being served for those wishing to achieve salvation and is available for a gold coin donation.

Evening shows $10 on the door.
Day Shows $5 on the door.

All shows AA/BYO

Strictly no glass or dorks

Location details will be on the poster which won't be far away!


Tuesday 1 March 2016

The Stungrenades - Front Towards Enemy (2015)

Straight up Punk rock from New Plymouths The Stungrenades. We know nothing about this band but heard them today and decided to post in the hope more people would check them out. Free on bandcamp.


Promise of Bloodshed - Hatred Inherit (2003)

Promise of Bloodshed (2000-2007) were a prominent, 5 piece Metalcore band from Auckland. This download included thier album and some live tracks (Hamtown Smackdown/BFM)


Monday 29 February 2016

Knee Splitter - Phase One (2015)

The first release from relatively new band Knee Splitter (members of Slitskrieg) who play a mix of grindcore/powerviolence and hardcore. Album free on bandcamp!


Starving Millions - III (2015)

Third album from Wellington's Starving Millions. $5 on bandcamp.


Markdown - Boneman (2015)

Second album from Auckland's Markdown. Look out for new album coming in 2016. Free on bandcamp!