Saturday 27 December 2014

Entrails - Laid To Waste (2011)

Second release from Entrails. Free on bandcamp.


Entrails - Entrails (2009)

Entrails were a Hardcore/Grindy band from Wellington. This is their 1st release up for free on their bandcamp. Members went on to form Numbskull.


The Wrongmen - Selft Titled (2007)

Second release from defunct Auckland hardcore band The Wrongmen.Members of Evil Priest and the Warpath.

Link here for other releases:

Shortlived - Mindrot (2009)

Mindrot 7'' by Shortlived from Wellington.


Shortlived - Demo 7'' (2008)

Shortlived were a prominent fastcore/punk band from Wellington. They produced two 7'' and a full length 12''. This is the early demo. Members went on to form bands such as Rogernomix, Meth Drinker and Fantails.


Friday 26 December 2014

Cult Of The Cobra - Self Titled (2010)

Album from Wellingtons now defunct all girl Hardcore Punk band Cult of the Cobra. Members of Punchbowl, Natural Glow and Malpario among others.


Vomit Storm - Mudge Or Be Mudged (2014)

Full length album (not official release on a format yet) from Wellingtons rungus thrash metallers Vomit Storm. Download on bandcamp.