Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Aborted Christians - Sustained By Evil, Possessed In Hell (2013)

Aborted Christians entire discography here to bleed you dry. Ugly, grinding, stoned, evil, christ-hating grind, here to rub sandpaper in your ears. This band was active in Hamilton a few years ago and were fucking evil. This release was put out by Zero Style in Wellington in 2013, as a discography of sorts. Includes the album "Submission, Forgiveness, Death!" which is somewhere on this blog if you can be bothered digging about. For now, its on the Zero Style Bandcamp, it was initially released as a tape but has long sold out. They have/had a split with Wellington powerviolence duo Police Lineup in 2010, which was released on Always Never Fun Records, but is most likely long sold out. Hit up Discogs I guess?


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